Energy Regulatory

Navigating the increasingly complex and multilayered regulatory landscape that underpins the energy sector can seem all consuming. The lawyers in the Energy Regulatory practice group at Hogan Lovells counsel energy and natural resources market stakeholders on a full range of legal issues.

Representative experience

Nearly 15 interstate natural gas pipelines respond to and comply with FERC tax-related Order No. 849, including assisting each pipeline devise a strategy for a response and helping to negotiate settlements.

Developing comprehensive rate case strategy involving the modernization entire pipeline systems.

Lead counsel at FERC on one of the most complex pipeline rate proceedings in the industry.

Advising on structuring LNG projects across various components of the gas and LNG value chain, so risks are properly allocated across the upstream, midstream, shipping, and terminal aspects of each project.

Project counsel on a variety of LNG and pipeline development projects, advising on regulatory, transactional, and other matters associated with development of multibillion dollar, complex projects.

Assist major industrial products manufacturers formulate strategies for self-reporting and negotiating with the DOE highly favorable settlements involving long-standing violations of DOE efficiency standards.

Advise both domestic and foreign manufacturers of consumer products in responding to enforcement proceedings under DOE efficiency standards regulations.

Advise manufacturers of a variety of high-tech products on strategies for complying with or obtaining exceptions from efficiency standards applicable to innovative products.

Represent clients on a broad spectrum of regulatory issues involving electric transmission, interconnections, power sales and marketing, standards and codes of conduct compliance, and regional market rules.

Advise public utilities and energy traders on conduct and electric reliability standards, reporting, Open Access Same-Time Information Systems, market behavior rules, and Open Access Transmission Tariff.

Representing nuclear utilities, fuel cycle facilities, reactor vendors, materials licensees, suppliers, and contractors in connection with NRC licensing and compliance with safety regulations.

Advising clients on a variety of nuclear issues related to DOE, such as loan guarantees, funding opportunities, site use agreements, and import and export approvals.

Litigating for nuclear energy clients before the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, at trial and appellate levels, including judicial review of NRC agency action in courts of appeals.

Advise NRC licensees on nuclear considerations in mergers and acquisitions, including license transfers, nuclear liability and insurance, due diligence, transactional documents, contracts, and CFIUS reviews.

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