A successful design can lead to commercial success. The materials used and the packaging, labelling, and advertising all play a role in taking a product from every day to iconic. Copycats will want to profit from your success story.

Representative experience

Defending our client Motorola in the largest ever design infringement case brought in China.

Assisting Bang & Olufsen on design litigation in Asia.

Advising a Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer on its design portfolio in Europe. Handling a wide range of Community Design applications on its behalf.

Assisting various reputed Italian high-end furniture manufacturers. Registering new designs, handling management of portfolio worldwide, and securing registration of the trade dress of iconic design pieces.

Advising a U.S. apparel company on trademark infringement litigation relating to its signature stitching design.

Enforcing registered design and unfair imitation claims against baby stroller copies before the German Federal Court of Justice.

Defending the appearance of smoke extraction filter units against unfair imitations.

Protecting brakes for wind turbines against unfair imitation by a competitor.

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