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DOJ embraces a more realistic position on corporate cooperation

As a result of policy changes implemented in November 2018, government attorneys now have more discretion to award cooperation credit to a corporation that meaningfully assists the...

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Communities to benefit from mining through “social licences to mine”

The mining sector cannot be looked at in isolation – it is the "engine room" of every economy in a country with substantial mineral resources.

The mining sector in these countries is ...

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It’s a Good Time to False Claims Act-Proof Your Marketing Practices

Over the last few years, we have seen many device makers and medical equipment suppliers settle criminal and civil healthcare fraud cases with the DOJ for more than $1 million, and some...

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Limits and risks of privileges regarding the communication between counsel and party-appointed expert

In the recent issue of the German Arbitration Journal (SchiedsVZ) Ulrich Helm, Fabian Bonke and Nora Wienfort examine the limits and risks of privileges regarding the communication between...

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International Comparative Legal Guide to Merger Control 2019: Indonesia

Office Managing Partner Chalid Heyder and Senior Associate Dyah Paramita contributed to the International Comparative Legal Guide on Merger Control 2019 in Indonesia.

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Is mining still the goose that lays the golden egg?

Employment and production figures released for the second quarter of 2018 suggested that the mining sector prevented the South African economy from going into recession. This seems to have...

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Life afta' NAFTA: USMCA Protects U.S. Investors in Mexican Energy Sector

Mexico's energy market has opened to foreign investment in recent years, and U.S. investors have taken note. Under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) signed last month, which ...

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