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Japan's path to decarbonisation

In its latest strategic energy plan, released in July 2018, the Fifth Strategic Energy plan, the Government of Japan confirmed its overall goal of decarbonising Japan’s energy mix by...

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The intersection of customary law and environmental protection

It shouldn’t be possible for the state to criminally prosecute a person for exercising their legal rights. This was, however, exactly what happened to Mr Gongqose and other members of ...

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Access Denied: No mining permitted without prior consultation

In South Africa, land ownership is separate from the right to mine minerals found in the land. The mining right holder is, however, given the right to enter land that it doesn't own to...

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The Jungle Crook - Environmental corruption in Laos

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New legislation streamlines FERC licensing process for pumped storage and non-power dams

On October 10, 2018, the Senate passed (on a 99-1 vote) S.3021, "America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018." The bill passed in the House of Representatives in September, and it now awaits ...

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