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FCA Alert: Medical judgment can be "false" under False Claims Act

For the second time in as many weeks, a federal appellate court has held that a doctor’s medical judgment can be "false."

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Health care program penalties rise with Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018

Buried within a two-year budget agreement, among hundreds of pages of federal spending legislation, are key changes to several federal health care fraud statutes. The Bipartisan Budget Act...

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False Claims Act: A review of 2017

The pace of False Claims Act (FCA) litigation and settlements remained just as furious this past year as it had during the previous presidential administration.

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Lack of materiality evidence "zaps" mammoth FCA jury awards: 5 Lessons

Two courts recently upended monstrous False Claims Act (FCA) jury awards — one for $663 million and the other for $347 million — concluding that liability was not sufficiently...

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The great myths of state False Claims Acts

Partner Jonathan Diesenhaus and Senior Associate Marisa Cruz-Glaudemans recently drew on their vast False Claims Act (FCA) litigation experience to revisit and update their 2013 U.S....

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