Russian Data Storage Law Webinar

This past summer, the Russian Parliament fast-tracked and passed legislation requiring data "operators" – organizations that process personal data of Russian citizens, including providers of Internet-based services – to store the personal data of Russian citizens on databases located in the country. Once the law comes into effect, companies doing business in Russia must comply with the requirement or face being blocked from the Internet. While the law was originally passed with an effective date of September 2016, a recent bill would advance its effective date to January 2015, and other amendments and rumors purport to revise it further.

In this complimentary webinar, Natalia Gulyaeva of Hogan Lovells' Moscow office and Bret Cohen of our Washington, D.C. office explain

  • what companies, data, and databases are covered by the law;
  • the process used by Russian regulators to enforce the law;
  • consequences for violations;
  • the practical risk of enforcement; and
  • implications for multi-national companies doing business in Russia.

Download a PDF from the webinar.

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