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Renewable energy will result in significant job losses

The Renewable Energy Independant Power Producer Procurement Programme was always aimed at ultimately reducing such significant reliance on coal-fired power, in the medium to long term, and...

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Investment outlook 2018: Transaction and deal trends in the GCC

Gulf economies and markets have transformed in many ways in response to three years of low oil prices, new regional leadership and a global world order in flux. The tougher fiscal...

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Infrastructure investment is Republicans' 2018 priority

Congress has returned from the holiday recess with renewed focus on passing a major infrastructure package in 2018. Passage of a massive tax reform bill punctuated the president's first...


Nuclear plants decommissioning

This brochure is intended to provide an overview of the regulatory framework and typical risks of dismantling projects, while at the same time pointing out options for structuring and...

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Automation in mining

Driverless trucks. Conductor-less trains. Mines run by cell-phone networks. Autonomous technologies such as these are taking miners out of mines, driving efficiency, and changing the way...

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Mining does not mean what you think it means: United States v. Osage Wind, LLC

“Inconceivable!” That, of course, is Vizzini’s repeated exclamation of Princess Bride fame. But perhaps just as memorable is Inigo Montoya’s quizzical response:...

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Disruption in the African mining and natural resources sector - Industry 4.0 and the effects of globalisation

Despite concerns regarding regulatory and policy uncertainty across Africa, (as demonstrated by the implementation of radical new laws in Tanzania, and the publication of the third version...

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Reduced profits is not expropriation

The South African Constitutional Court has held that a property owner doesn't have a legal right to value property using a particular method, or to get a specific value when selling the...

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